15 Minutes of Fame

Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes of Fame

Directed by Genevieve Gearhart and Julianne Just

Spring 2009 Access Theater Gallery New York, NY
Lighting Design by Joe Novack 
Featuring: Sloan Bradford, Emma Crane, Alex Demers, Starsha Gill, Cindy N. Kawasaki, Clare McNulty, Graham Mills, Aubrey Snowden, Colista K. Turner and Will Winner

Everyone Deserves Their 15 Minutes of Fame...All you need to do is dance the tango blindfolded, be judged by Simon, smile with your eyes, jump off a cliff, drink yourself into oblivion, find true love, live on a deserted island with 12 other crazy people, make a dress out of vegetables, eat cow brains, model naked in a pit of scorpions, admit how much you hate yourself and your life, have sex with a total stranger, try to win $100,000 all while exposing yourself on National Television in order to become rich, famous, and ultimately die.

Reality TV - it is funny, moving, awful, exciting, action packed, degrading, inspiring, and whether you love it or hate it, it's part of the American psyche. The iconic Andy Warhol, examines America's obsession with Reality TV, sharing with us his own unique philosophic views on life, love, fame and most importantly TV! In this physical theater piece you will come to see that Reality TV is here to stay. Brace yourself!