By Joyce Wu
Directed by Julianne Just

Produced Mir Productions
Players Theatre Loft, New York, NY (January 2008)

Set Design By Erinina Marie Ness
Lighting Design By Liz Nielsen
Sound Design By Joe Genden

Featuring: Joyce Wu, Jacob Troy, Michael Lutton and LeVon Fickling 

A recent posting in the dating section of the craigslist.com claimed that “Asian women are the other white meat.” The implication was that a white man and an Asian woman make the most common and socially acceptable interracial pairing. Fetish, a new play, depicts Matt and Sophie, a couple about to get married, who must contend with how much race and ethnicity still matter to them in an era after political correctness.

A contemporary twist on Othello, the play explores the ways in which people of color are exoticized and eroticized even by those who are closest to them. While the tragedy of Othello lies in the title character’s capitulation to the violent, barbarous caricature, Fetish portrays the tragedy that arises from subscribing to those very stereotypes.