August 2013

KITCHEN/SUGAR/BULLET/BLANK was a site-specific immersive theatrical workshop experience, taking place in a bungalow style house in Atwater Village (a neighborhood in Los Angeles). The performance conceived and developed by The Speakeasy Society is a theatrical evolution of the play ”Fefu and Her Friends” by Maria Irene Fornes - with text by Amanda Jane Shank.

KITCHEN/SUGAR/BULLET/BLANK blurred the line between performance and party, inviting you to join a select group of guests to not just watch, but experience a truly interactive piece of art that will engage all of your senses, with progressive food and drink pairings that evolved throughout the performance.

We were committed to maintaining very small audience groups - with a performer to audience ratio of 1:1. Throughout the evening the already small audience divides into even smaller groups to experience and engage parts of the narrative alongside the performers throughout the house. While many contemporary immersive experiences provide the audience with the opportunity to travel through the space, at times even making choices about the sequence in which they experience their entertainment, commercial demands often drive these experiences to become overcrowded and lose the intimate quality that piques the audience's interest in the first place. By preserving an intimate connection with the performers, we place the audience in the position of not just of voyeurs, but party guests who are fully integrated into the action of the piece.

Audiences shared in this world of secrets and toasts, bourbon and gunfire, philosophy and costumes, broken hearts and water fights - as this group of remarkable women come together for a night you'll never forget.

Directed by Julianne Just and Geneveive Gearhart, Produced by Matthew Bamberg-Johnson