Suffering Fools

Suffering Fools - The Weird Sisters

October 2012

An event created and curated for the Glendale Moose Lodge #641

Originally developed at the California Institute of the Arts and staged in a women’s bathroom, this witch-centric adaptation of Macbeth had audiences exploring the hidden corners of the Glendale Moose Lodge. Madame Hecate invited guests to set up an appointment with the weird sisters to experience the classic story from their perspective.  Featuring live music and multiple immersive performances, The Weird Sisters was shown as part of the larger Suffering Fools event, an evening collaboration between current CalArts students and alum and the Fool's Guild from the Moose.

Directed by Julianne Just and Genevieve Gearhart

Photos by Amanda Jane Shank

Video by Dallas Wexler