The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party

October 2013

An evening of eerie, intimate performances celebrating the fall harvest feast. Phillip is throwing a Halloween party, but amidst all the fake cobwebs and paper witches, some creepy happenings are afoot.

Occupying the same fictional world of The Speakeasy Society’s last piece,  "KITCHEN/SUGAR/BULLET/BLANK," there was a familiar cast of characters to be found as they returned to Phillip and Fefu's house for Phillip's big event.

The Hunting Party" followed an a la carte style of entertainment, so you could see one, two, three or four autonomous pieces within the larger show.  The evening was topped off with a terrifyingly tantalizing burlesque performance, live music, a cash bar, and food for purchase, A memorable way to get into the spirit of the spectral season.

Directed by Genevieve Gearhart and Julianne Just, Produced by Matthew Bamberg-Johnson